7 Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands

Are you in the market for the best electric fireplace TV stands? If so, this buying guide will offer all the information and choices you need.

An attractive, classical fireplace TV stand is a terrific piece of furniture. It’s functional; space-saving gives necessary storage for cables and wires and all the other electrical devices associated with a TV.

If you don’t currently have a fireplace or flue for a wood-burning stove, then an electric fireplace stand could be just what you’re looking for, especially if you don’t want to cut a hole in your wall for a fireplace insert.

To help you make up your mind about which electric fireplace you should choose, we have put together a list of the best electric fireplace TV stands that we are confident you will get very excited over.

Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Our Top 7 Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands

1. Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console

Image credit: Ameriwood Home

The Ameriwood Home Chicago is a beautiful piece of furniture; it looks far more expensive than it was, and it will shock your guests and family when you tell them it’s particleboard; the console doesn’t feel like that at all. It’s very sturdy, heavy and well made.

The Ameriwood TV stand will easily support a TV up to seventy pounds and a maximum width of 50 inches.

The console has plenty of storage areas; the top shelf is divided into two separate compartments, perfect for your DVD player or cable box. In the center back are two circular holes to hide the cables down the back of the console.

Below the top shelves are two cabinets on either side of the fireplace; if you wish, you can store your DVD collection or additional space for books and magazines.

The electric fire sits in an eighteen-inch space and plugs into a standard outlet; the fire can heat up to 400 square feet, and you can use it to heat the room or just as a background flame effect.

The product dimensions are 15.9 inches by 47.2 inches and 31.8 inches; they will ship to you flat-packed and require home assembly.

Why We Like It: The Ameriwood Home Chigaco is both elegant and functional particleboard and MDF with an espresso finish.

Key Features:

  • The fireplace insert is metal
  • Capable of supporting a 50-inch TV weighing up to 70lbs
  • Warms a room up to 400 square feet
  • LED flame effect can run with or without heat
  • Multiple storage spaces
  • Ships flat-packed

2. GOOD & GRACIOUS Farmhouse Wood TV Stand and Electric Fireplace

Image credit: GOOD & GRACIOUS

If you are partial to the farmhouse look with your furniture, then the Good & Gracious TV stand with electric fire will be right up your street.

This furniture piece is a 2-in-1 design in that the middle section is interchangeable with an electric fire insert. When you do not need a fire in the summer months, you can remove it and use the space for additional storage. However, if you don’t need the storage space but prefer the flame effect fire without heat, you can choose it.

The electric fireplace TV stand incorporates the highest-quality paint spray surface to ensure the unit will last a long time. The stand can accept TVs up to a maximum of 65inches wide and weighing up to 250 pounds.

The electric fireplace is simply plugged in via the electrical outlet; there’s no need for electrical work or an electrician. LED lights in the fireplace give off a realistic flame effect; for up to 50,000 hours. The electric fire can warm rooms up to 400 square feet. The fire’s operation can either be manual using a switch on the fire or remote control.

The unit utilizes heavy metal wrap angles to enhance the farmhouse design, which also adds to the console’s solid, robust look.

The storage shelves’ position is adjustable inside the cabinet, and the doors to the cupboard use magnetic closing.

Why We Like It: The Good & Gracious TV stand and Fireplace adopts a traditional farmhouse look that is both classic and well-built.

Key Features:

  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Two-in-one design
  • Overall dimesions: 60″(W) x 15.5″(D) x 23.63″(H)
  • Adjustable cupboard shelves
  • Accepts up to 65-inch flat-panel TV
  • Remote control for the fireplace

3. BELLEZE 50 Inch Wood TV Console with Electric Fireplace

BELLEZE 50 Inch Wood TV Console with Electric Fireplace
Image credit: BELLEZE

The Belleze 50-inch wood TV console is available in five different finishes; Ashland Pine, Espresso, Gray Wash, Light Gray, and Sargent Oak, and choose with or without a fireplace. The TV stand will accept TVs up to 55-inch wide and weighing up to 99lbs.

If you choose the version that incorporates a fireplace, you will receive an eighteen-inch infrared fire with remote control. The dimensions when assembled are 50″(L) x 15.81″(W) x 24.87″(H).

The Belleze TV fireplace stand is high-grade MDF with a wood-grain texture laminate.

The electric fire produces a realistic glowing log effect that you can use with or without heat from the fire. 

The TV stand includes three shelves you can place in various positions depending on what you would like to store in the two cabinets. There are two cutouts in the unit’s back for devices such as DVD players or cable boxes.

To individualize the TV stand, you might try changing the door pulls to fit the other furniture style in your room.

Why We Like It: The Belleze 50-inch TV console features five different wood finishes making it a highly versatile piece of furniture. 

Key Features:

  • The dimensions are 50″(L) x 15.81″(W) x 24.87″(H)
  • Five individual wood finishes
  • Glass panels in each door
  • It is made from MDF with a wood grain laminate finish
  • The TV stand supports a 50-inch TV
  • Includes three adjustable shelves
  • Includes an eighteen-inch infrared electric fire
  • Remote control for the electric fire

4. Walker Edison Wren Classic 4 Cubby Fireplace TV Stand

Walker Edison Wren Classic 4 Cubby Fireplace TV Stand
Image credit: Walker Edison

The Walker Edison fireplace TV stand accommodates a seventy-inch TV and will be a gorgeous additional piece of furniture to grace your living room. Top-quality build and materials from high-grade MDF with a rich and textured laminate wood finish. 

You choose the finish that makes it possible to blend this fireplace TV stand into any existing decor; the wood finishes include: Barnwood, Black, Charcoal, Driftwood, Espresso, Slate Grey, White, and White Oak.

The TV console dimensions are 25 inches by 15.75 inches by 70 inches and will support a TV up to 70 inches with a weight not exceeding 150lbs.

The fireplace insert measures 18 inches by 18 inches. The electric fire has a fan to help circulate the warm air; the fire will heat a room the size of 400 sq. ft. (4600 BTU).

There’s no need for an electrician to fit the fire; it simply plugs into a standard outlet through the console’s back.

This TV stand fireplace is a sturdy and robust piece of furniture and will take approximately one and a half hours to put together. There are all the instructions you need, but you might find you run out of the wood glue that accompanies the stand. We suggest you purchase some extra glue before they deliver the flatpack to your home.

Why We Like It: The Walker Edison classic fireplace TV stand is a substantial piece of furniture that will accommodate a TV up to 70 inches and with a choice of wood finishes to match any existing decor.

Key Features:

  • The dimensions are 25 inches by 15.75 inches by 70 inches
  • It supports a TV up to 70 inches and weighing up to 150lbs
  • The electric fire heats a room size of 400 square feet
  • A choice of eight wood finishes
  • High-grade MDF with textured laminate
  • Internal shelves support up to 30lbs

5. Walker Edison Alcott Corner Fireplace TV Stand

Walker Edison Alcott Corner Fireplace TV Stand
Image credit: Walker Edison

Should you seek an attractive corner fireplace TV stand rather than a straight wall version, look at the Walker Edison Alcott. You won’t find a suitable corner unit for the price with such a range of different wood finishes. Choose between Barnwood Brown, Black, Espresso, Grey Wash, Reclaimed Barnwood, Traditional Brown, and White Oak.

The corner TV stand accommodates a TV up to 55 inches and supports up to 100lbs. On either side of the electric fire are two cabinets with four adjustable shelves, each supporting 20lbs. For additional safety, the glass panels in the doors of the cabinet are tempered glass. The TV cables and cables from any other device all fit nicely and unseen behind the TV stand.

Once you have the fireplace stand built and in place (it takes about one and a half hours and buy extra wood glue), you’ll be amazed at how beautiful it looks. You’ll also wonder why you didn’t buy a corner unit like this sometime before.

The realistic flame effect electric fire will heat a room of 400 square feet; you can also choose to have the flame effect with or without heat.

Why We Like It: The Walker Edison Alcott is a space-saving, attractive, and high-quality corner unit supporting TVs up to 55-inch.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions of 32 inches by 20 inches by 47.25 inches
  • The stand top supports 100lbs
  • Tempered safety glass
  • Will support up to 55-inch TVs
  • Electric fire heats a room of 400 square feet
  • The fireplace insert is removable
  • No electrician necessary plugs into an outlet

6. Ameriwood Lumina Fireplace TV Stand

Ameriwood Lumina Fireplace TV Stand
Image credit: Ameriwood Home

If your home is crying out for a sleek, ultra-modern fireplace TV stand, then look no further; you have found one. The Ameriwood Lumina fireplace TV stand for TVs up to 70 inches.

Whether you choose White, Graphite Grey, or Black Oak, it doesn’t matter; the effect is a stunning look for your living room; tempered glass shelves and the blue LED interior backlighting inside the cupboard enhance the terrific fashionable look.

Combining robust metal parts and particleboard and MDF laminated with a white finish (or black oak and graphite grey). The TV console stands on sturdy metal feet.

The fireplace insert features color-changing flames you can control via remote control with or without heat. You’ll just love the 3D, moving, crystal fireplace unit.

Why We Like It: The Ameriwood Lumina is a fantastic, sleek, and modern design fireplace TV stand.

Key Features:

  • The dimensions are 18.9 x 64.76 x 24.88 inches
  • Weighs 122.4 pounds
  • 3D moving crystal fireplace
  • Remote control
  • Particleboard and MDF
  • Sleek laminated flat white or wood finishes

7. Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console

Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console
Image credit: Ameriwood Home

If you prefer rustic and old-fashioned decor in your living room or home, the Ameriwood Farmington fireplace TV console is an excellent choice. It is suitable for a TV of 60 inches.

With dimensions of 15.67 x 59.61 x 29.37 inches and weighing one hundred and fifty pounds, it’s a substantial unit and will take two people to assemble efficiently.

In the fireplace insert is a 23-inch electric fire with a realistic wood-burning glow that adds to the warm ambiance of your living room. Ameriwood uses their exclusive AltraFlame technology.

You can still savor the same effects in the summer months by just having the flame effect and no heat. The LED lights giving the flame effect have a lifespan of 50,000 hours of life.

The electric fire will heat a room of 400 square feet and plugs into a standard electrical outlet

The top two compartments are ideally suited for DVD players, cable box or video game consoles; the cables are tucked away out of sight, leaving everything nice and tidy.

Why We Like It: The Ameriwood Farmington TV console is a terrific-looking rustic-style fireplace TV stand.

Key Features:

  • With dimensions of 15.67 x 59.61 x 29.37 inches
  • Weight 150lbs
  • Supports TV 60 inches wide
  • Rustic style particleboard and MDF
  • Laminate wood finish
  • Twenty-three-inch electric fire
  • AltraFlame technology
  • LED lights
  • Remote control


There are masses of electric fireplace TV stands available to purchase; you won’t be lacking in choice. But of course, every manufacturer will tell you theirs is the best at the best price. The options can get frustrating very fast. 

Many factors determine the best fireplace TV stands, not the least of which is your personal choice. But common characteristics such as price, design, build-quality, materials, electric fire will all influence your choice and decision.

For that reason, we have taken the time to review and create this buying guide for the best electric fireplace TV stands.