Best Fireplace Grate

Having a fireplace in your home means one thing you need a grate, but you must have the best fireplace grate you can purchase. There are reasons for this which we will discuss later in the buying guide.

If you enjoy having a fireplace, then it must be the room’s focal point of where you have it situated. At its most basic, a fireplace grate lifts the fire off the floor of your fireplace to help improve the air circulation, which in turn means cleaner air, a more even distribution of heat, and better fuel economy.

These reasons are valid and essential; however, it still doesn’t put you any further forward in giving you practical ideas of the best fireplace grate for your budget or requirements. Because of course, fireplace grates are available in various sizes, shapes, styles, and even different materials. Too many options can make it incredibly difficult to choose or even understand which is the best fireplace grate.

This is why you’ll find our buying guide an invaluable help. First, you won’t need to spend hour after frustrating hour searching online for the best grate because we have done all the research for you. 

All you need to do is go through our list of the best fireplace grates, which contains all the relevant information you’ll need to decide which fireplace grate is ideal for your particular circumstances.

Best Fireplace Grate

Top 7 Best Fireplace Grates

1. AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Fireplace Log Grate 24 inch

AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Fireplace Log Grate 24 inch

The best fireplace grate should be a solid construction that lifts the fire off the chimney floor and hearth to give much clearer air circulation and more even burning potential. The Amagabeli fireplace log grate is a thick steel construction, with no less than seven ¾-inch steel bars, situated in a V-shape. The Amagabeli is an all-steel grate that’s so strong and well-made it will last you a lifetime.

The last thing you need is grate so weak that it collapses in on itself after it’s been in use a few times; that will not happen with the Amagabeli. Plus, there’s a good four inches clearance under the crossbar, more than enough to create the airflow under the grate.

If you’re idea of a stylish grate to complement last century to today’s fireplaces, then the Amagabeli is an inspired choice; it’s ultra-fashionable and highly functional.

You will notice the paint/coating on the steel bars does not peel or flake off. The embers will fall through the bars’ gaps and continue smoldering in the firebox floor to generate extra heat without interfering with logs still burning in the grate.

The Amagabeli is perfect for folks who like a giant hot fire in their home.

Why We Like It: The Amagabeli is a robust and sturdy fireplace grate made from ¾-inch steel bars that do not sag or bend under the intense heat of a hot burning fire.

Key Features:

  • Seven ¾-inch steel bares
  • Four-inch clearance under the grate
  • Ultra-fashionable
  • Highly functional
  • It will last for several seasons
  • The rear supporting bars are higher and turn inwards to hold burning logs in place

2. Pleasant Hearth – 1/2″ Solid Steel Fireplace Grate

Pleasant Hearth - 1/2" Solid Steel Fireplace Grate
Image credit: Pleasant Hearth

The Pleasant Hearth 1/2-inch solid steel fireplace is a flexible fireplace grate because of its availability in seven sizes, from eighteen inches to thirty-six inches, increasing every three inches. So many size options mean if you like this style of fireplace grate, there’s bound to be one size that fits your particular fireplace.

When measuring your fireplace grate size, measure between the feet and not the burning area surface width, which will be narrower and result in you purchasing a grate that’s too small.

The thickness of the steel your grate is made from matters because if it’s too thin, the heat from the fire will bend and melt the steel. In this case, the bars are 1/2-inch steel, which is still thick enough to get several season’s worth of use out of the grate.

The mesh across the burning area’s surface reduces the ash and ember fall to the firebox floor. If you prefer an ember retainer on your grate, then the Pleasant Hearth would be a good choice for you.

Ember retainers can be both a blessing and a problem. Yes, it’s good to capture burnt embers, but sometimes it does restrict the airflow. Ensure you rake the embers in the grate a little to loosen them; that will help the air circulate.

Why We Like It: The Pleasant Hearth ½-inch solid steel fireplace grate is a good choice for the price you’ll pay,  even though there are thicker steel grates. 

Key Features:

  • ½-inch thick solid steel bars
  • Diamond ember retainer
  • Seven size options
  • Affordable price
  • Captures embers

3. SteelFreak Heavy Duty Steel Grate

SteelFreak Heavy Duty Steel Grate
Image credit: SteelFreak

As you will undoubtedly gather from the name, the SteelFreak is a super heavy-duty steel fireplace grate with 1 3/8-inch steel bars. This grate is going to last you for years, even if you enjoy ultra-hot fires in your home.

The fireplace grate is available in three different widths, 13 inches, 20 inches, and 26 inches. The height and leg length remains the same on all three grates at 10 inches high with 4-inch legs.

The 4-inch legs allow for a large enough gap between the bottom of the fireplace grate and the fireplace floor for air to circulate, giving you a much higher and controlled burn rate. There’s no need to keep turning burning logs all night because they’ll burn completely, another consequence of having a grate with more excellent air circulation.

Plus, when it comes to cleaning the next morning, the grate is easy to lift out of the way to clean the ash and embers from the fireplace. Remember to clean ashes from the grate itself; ashes are acidic and hold moisture and over time will cause any grate to rust. The better you clean grates, the longer they last.

Why We Like It: The SteelFreak is a heavy-duty steel fireplace grate and available in three widths.

Key Features:

  • 1 ⅜-inch steel bars
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Available in three widths
  • Perfect size for smaller fireplaces
  • Robust and stable construction
  • Complete and controlled burn rate
  • Lightweight enough for cleaning
  • Made in the USA

4. Vestal 324ML Cast Iron Fireplace Grate

Vestal 324ML Cast Iron Fireplace Grate
Image credit: Vestal Manufacturing

The Vestal cast iron fireplace grate is a heavy-duty grate that will last for years; it’s slightly wider at the front than the back, with dimensions of 24 inches and 20 3/4 inches.

The narrower gap between the surface bars will hold logs and ember chunks in the grate without allowing them to fall through to the fireplace floor. Also, it’s high enough to allow for good air circulation without being too high for nothing to burn underneath the grate. You’ll see nothing but fine ashes on the bottom of the fireplace at the end of the night.

The grate is high enough to get your ash shovel underneath, no need to lift the grate until you’re ready to do a thorough clean of your fireplace.

The Vestal fireplace grate allows for a much longer burn time, but you won’t see the grate glow red hot as seen in lower quality grates and without bending, melting, cracking, or any signs of damage.

Why We Like It: The Vestal cast iron fireplace grate is a heavy-duty grate with narrow bars to prevent log and ember fall through too soon.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty cast iron
  • Allows fires to burn extremely hot
  • 24″ Front, 20-3/4″ Back
  • Perfect for coal or wood
  • Made in the USA

5. Model M-5 High-Efficiency Smoke-Free Fireplace Grate

Model M-5 High-Efficiency Smoke-Free Fireplace Grate
Image credit: Grate Wall of Fire

The Model M-5 utilizes a different grate system than the traditional flat type, but you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to the quality and heat of your fire.

The M-5 is a vertical grate and pushes the logs back up high against the back fireplace wall and mimicks the proportions of a correctly built firebox.

You’ll discover you do not need to poke the fire to keep it burning continually and adequately; also, the grate makes starting a fire so much easier because the fire burns at the back of the fireplace, smoke, and almost all the sparks draw up the chimney. 

And as the chimney is drawing more efficiently, it prevents clouds of smoke from billowing out into your living room.

Using the M-5 grate wall means you are not restricting the size of the logs you can burn, whereas, with a traditional grate, logs can only be the width of the grate. The only size restriction with the M-5 is the width of your back firewall.

Why We Like It: The Model M-5 takes a less than traditional route to grates by creating a grate wall rather than a flatbed.

Key Features:

  • High-efficiency
  • Smoke-free
  • 21″ Wide, 15″ Tall
  • Outlasts traditional grates
  • Robust build
  • Fires burn hotter with more minor smoke issues
  • Made in the USA

6. HY-C Liberty Foundry G22-4-BX Fire Grate

HY-C Liberty Foundry G22-4-BX Fire Grate
Image credit: HY-C Liberty Foundry

The HY-C Liberty Foundry fire grate is available in seven sizes and three leg clearance sizes. There is definitely one here that will fit most, if not all, fireplaces. The manufacture is heavy-duty cast iron for long-term use and maintaining high-performance levels. The grate does not require any assembly and can go straight from the box to your fireplace.

Using a grate such as the HY-C will lift the burning wood off the fireplace floor allowing the air to circulate freely. Air circulation is critical for free-burning smoke-free fires. As well as keeping the fire burning hotter than ever and sending smoke up the chimney and not into your living room, being raised off the floor makes lighting the fire and cleaning ashes a whole lot easier.

If you want your grate to last a long time, buy a quality grate and clean the ash out regularly. Leaving ash lying on your grate will degrade and rust the metal over time.

Why We Like It: The HY-C is a solid cast iron grate available in several sizes to fit most fireplaces.

Key Features:

  • Solid cast iron
  • Seven sizes and three leg clearance sizes
  • Ember retainer
  • Durable build
  • Pre-assembled

7. Pleasant Hearth – 3/4″ Premium Solid Steel Fireplace Grate

Pleasant Hearth - 3/4" Premium Solid Steel Fireplace Grate
Image credit: Pleasant Hearth

The Pleasant Hearth 3/4″ steel fireplace grate is premium and solid steel with a choice of seven widths from eighteen inches to thirty-six inches. Every size has seven steel bars on the bed, and they are all wider at the front than the back. For example, the thirty-inch model is front feet  30″ wide; back feet are 27.5″; the grate from front to back is 15″; these are the most comprehensive measurements.

Pleasant Hearth guarantees these heavy-duty fireplace grates will last a lifetime and offer a lifetime warranty.

The grate has a very classical look with a 4-inch clearance underneath; there’s plenty of room to scoop out the ashes, yet low enough to stay closer to the wood to keep it burning longer. You’ll find it also aids with good air circulation keeping your fire burning more evenly.

If the leg clearance is a little too high for your fireplace, it’s possible to saw some off the legs if you’re a bit of a dab hand at DIY.

Why We Like It: The Pleasant Hearth ¾-inch solid steel construction will last years at an affordable price.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty solid steel
  • ¾-inch steel bars
  • Several different sizes
  • Heat-resistant black finish
  • Lifts the grate off the fireplace floor for better air circulation
  • Perfect for most wood-burning fireplaces

4 Reasons Why You Need The Best Fireplace Grate

1. A grate will lift the wood you are burning from the fireplace floor; this leaves a space for air to be drawn underneath the grate and helps burn wood much hotter and efficiently.

2. As the wood burns, smaller pieces fall through the gap in the grate’s steel bars and creates a bed of red hot embers. The embers help to make the wood in the grate burn evenly and hotter. This system works only if the gap underneath the grate isn’t too big.

3. The best fireplace grates form the shape of a basket with both front and back walls tilting in slightly. This shape cradles the wood forcing it towards the center of the grate. When the fire gets low enough, you only add additional logs, and it’s not necessary to poke the fire to move logs around.

4. Lighting fires can be a real pain, but because the best fireplace grate has legs, the gap underneath helps draw in more air, supplying the fire with additional oxygen.