6 Best Fireplace Tools

There’s nothing that can compare to the welcoming ambiance of a roaring fire on a freezing winter’s night, but you’re going to need tools to tend the fire, and that leads us to the question, what are the best fireplace tools?

The set of tools you choose will probably be in the most conspicuous location in your living room; after all, the fireplace is typically the focal point of your room. So do you really want a set of tools that look cheap and nasty and will probably struggle to last out their first winter? Or would you rather spend a little more and get yourself an attractive, sturdy set of fireplace tools?

They would be an investment because they will last for years, and an excellent set of the best fireplace tools will look terrific and finish off the whole fireplace.

But as aesthetically pleasing as a fantastic set of fireplace tools are, they are there for two other reasons; for quick and easy access to the tools you need to tend your fire and for safety reasons.

Every year there are thousands of fires in the US because of fireplaces and chimneys bursting into flames. If you leave the area around and in your fireplace messy and unattended, you are, I’m sorry to say, asking for trouble. 

Handily placed and useful fireplace tools will save you time and guarantee you will use them to keep a tidy fireplace. 

Still, hunting around the local hardware shops or online can be a tiresome job. So, we have taken it on ourselves to do this work for you. We’ve scoured sites that sell fireplace tools and picked the best fireplace tools we can find.

All you now have to do is run through our buying guide and select the best fireplace tool set that suits your purpose and budget.

Best Fireplace Tools

Our Top 6 Best Fireplace Tools

1. Amagabeli 5 Pieces Fireplace Tools Set

Amagabeli 5 Pieces Fireplace Tools Set

The Amagabeli 5 piece is primarily an indoor wrought iron fireplace set incorporating a robust stand, a heavy-duty base, shovel, tongs, poker, and brush. To pick up and move is easy and convenient due to the ring design on the stand’s top.

The tools are all set in an easy-to-reach manner by hanging them on the central stand. The tools are quite a decent length, so no need to burn your face or hands, poking the fire, or having to get too close when sweeping your hearth. Each tool and the stand both have a clever twist design in the metal, giving them a distinct personality.

The Amagabeli measures 32.3 inches from the top of the circular carrying handle to the floor; and will not look out of place put together with a fire screen, log holders, or a rack.

This fireplace set is an exceptionally sturdy heavy-gauge wrought iron, not in the least bit flimsy. It’s easy to assemble, and we think it looks beautiful.

Why We Like It: The Amagabeli 5-piece fireplace set is a high-grade wrought iron with tools that are a perfect length to prevent any risk of getting too close to the fire.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-gauge wrought-iron
  • Neat twist design in the stand and tool arms
  • Perfect length tool set
  • Four tools, poker, shovel, tongs, and brush
  • Height of 32.3 inches
  • Heavy-duty base to prevent overbalancing
  • Convenient carrying handle

2. Muskoka Signature Series 5 Piece Matte Black Hearth Center

Muskoka Signature Series 5 Piece Matte Black Hearth Center
Image credit: Muskoka

The Muskoka Signature Series is a 5-piece toolset, including the log rack. The log rack is not over-sized, and because one side is lower than the other, it restricts the number of logs it will hold. Having said that, there’s probably plenty of room for one evening’s burn, so there will be no need to refill during the evening.

The fireplace tool set size is 27 inches tall by 15 inches wide and 17.6 inches in diameter to give you an idea.

The Muskoka is ultra-modern, and the corn broom is a nice touch instead of a more conventional brush. The tool set also includes poker, tongs, and a shovel. The whole thing weighs only 15 pounds.

The tool set’s metal is high-quality and so easy to assemble. Not overloading the log rack means it stays pretty sturdy. All the tools are of good quality and work as they should. You might find the corn brush sheds a little at first, but it’s worth it to have a brush that’s unusual in a fireplace tool set.

The tools themselves are probably more suitable for a stove than an open fireplace as they aren’t overly long.

Why We Like It: The Muskoka is ultra-modern and fashionable, and a five-piece tool set, including the log rack.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-modern
  • High-quality steel
  • Five-piece tool set
  • Twenty-seven inches tall
  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • Includes a corn broom
  • The Mesh wall separates firewood from tools

3. MYFIREPLACEDIRECT Fireplace Tools Set


MYFIREPLACEDIRECT is a top-quality, robust, and well-made wrought iron fireplace tool set that includes a special anti-rust coating.

The set includes all the standard tools, including a pair of tongs, Tampico brush, shovel, and poker; they hang on their own hook. Still, MYFIREPLACEDIRECT has added two extra hooks, which will come in handy if you want to hang additional items such as a pair of fire-retardant gloves.

The toolset is simple and straightforward to assemble, and the dimensions are 32.5 inches high by 12.1 inches long, and 8.7 inches wide.

This fireplace tool set is aesthetically pleasing so that it will add to the decor of your home’s living room; more than just a tool.

The heavy-duty base has a solid steel construction to ensure the whole set is balanced correctly.

Why We Like It: The MYFIREPLACEDIRECT toolset is wrought iron with a special non-rust coating.

Key Features:

  • 30.25 x 15.7 x 4.1 inches
  • 9.68 pounds
  • Heavy-duty base
  • Six hanging hooks
  • Four fireplace tools
  • Attractive design

4. Amagabeli Fireplace Firewood Tool Rack

Amagabeli Fireplace Firewood Tool Rack

The Amagabeli firewood fireplace rack is an excellent, wrought iron, space-saving design. The fireplace tool set incorporates two shelves; one is a solid steel platform, and the other one is steel bars. Enclosing the racks on two sides is the set’s curved top supports, with hanging hooks for the four fireplace tools.

The top rack serves as the log storage area, and the bottom shelf would be handy to store fire-starting equipment such as paper and fire starters. Alternatively, the top shelf would be ideal for dry wood ready for the fire, while the bottom shelf would accommodate wood not yet dry enough for the fire.

This fireplace tool set has a larger than average capacity, and the dimensions are 29.1 inches by 15.8 inches and 11.8 inches. The whole frame and tools are powder-coated to ensure the set stays free of any rust or corrosion, even if you use the set outdoors. The stand makes a substantially square base of 14.7 inches by 11.8 inches.

The hooks on the stand are sufficiently separate from each other, so the tools are not too close and will not clang against each other. The tools are the standard fare for a fireplace tool set with a shovel, tongs, brush, and poker.

You will be able to assemble the complete tool set within a few minutes.

Why We Like It: The Amagabeli firewood fireplace tool set is well-built, stores plenty of logs, and the tools are in an ideal position for easy reach.

Key Features:

  • The dimensions of 16 x 12 x 29.1 inches
  • Complete tool set, a brush, poker, a shovel, and tongs
  • Tools are a good length
  • Large capacity storage area
  • A powder-coated frame
  • Weighs 20.41 Pounds
  • Simple and straightforward assembly

5. ComfyHome 5-Piece Fireplace Tool Set

ComfyHome 5-Piece Fireplace Tool Set
Image credit: COMFYHOME

The Comfyhome 5-piece fireplace set is a traditional tool set that offers a functional and classical design. The four base legs ensure the collection is stable, and with a height of thirty-one inches, the tools are an ideal length for reaching the fire without having to get too close. Everything looks and feels neat and tidy and will create a brilliant final touch to your fireplace area.

Of course, any fireplace tool set must be a heavy-duty and sturdy construction, and this set is no exception. With premium iron and a high-temperature iron-powder coating for the stand and the tools, the collection offers long-lasting and reliable durability

An aesthetically pleasing design offers functionality and space-saving storage for your fireplace tools—integrated hooks to hang the poker, brush, shovel, and tongs. The set will complement most, if not all, fireplaces. 

Why We Like It: The Comfyhome 5-piece  offers an attractive, compact, yet sturdy solution for a  fireplace tool set.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Excellent length tools
  • Thirty-one inches tall
  • Solid base
  • Iron powder-coating
  • Premium iron construction
  • One-year warranty

6. Plow & Hearth 5 Piece Hand Forged Iron Compact Fireplace Tool Set

Plow & Hearth 5 Piece Hand Forged Iron Compact Fireplace Tool Set
Image credit: Plow & Hearth

The Plow & Hearth 5-piece is a design for people that prefer shorter tools; this set is approximately seven to ten inches shorter. They are a lot easier to handle on the plus side but probably far more suitable to a wood-burning stove than an open fireplace. 

So if you have a wood-burning stove and searching for a nice compact set of fireplace tools that will stand nice and proud by the side of your stove, then you’ve found them. 

The Plow & Hearth set is hand-crafted wrought iron with the classic shepherd’s hook styling, and the tool ends are a beautiful grooved beavertail design.

As you can see from the dimensions of 10.25 x 10.25 x 20 inches, they are smaller than average.

Plow & Hearth is a company out of Madison, Virginia, so if you prefer your tool sets made in the USA and smaller size, this will make an excellent choice. The collection is straightforward to assemble and will take only a few minutes. Including the stand, there are four other tools in the 5-piece set: a poker, broom, 3-prong tongs, and a shovel.

Why We Like It: The Plow & Hearth fireplace tool set is perfect for a wood-burning stove if you prefer a smaller, more compact set of tools.

Key Features:

  • 10.25 x 10.25 x 20 inches
  • 10.38 pounds
  • Hand-crafted wrought iron
  • Powder-coated
  • 5-piece set includes the stand
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Compact size

The Best Fireplace Tool Set – Final Thoughts

Suppose you are looking for the best fireplace tool set; you need to start with one that’s both functional and enhances the area around your fireplace. Of course, you need the right tools because the real purpose is to service your fire.

There are essential tools you must-have, so let’s discuss those.

Fireplace Tongs

Fireplace tongs are an integral part of any fireplace tool set, especially if you have a fireplace or stove that burns logs.

The tongs are designed to pick up the log and place it safely on the fire. Without tongs, you would have to throw logs on the fire because using only your hands would prevent you from getting very close to the fire.

A good pair of fireplace tongs is how well they grip the wooden logs; they need to be easy to operate because it can be challenging for some people to hold a long tool and open it with just one hand.

Fireplace Poker

A poker is another crucial element a fireplace needs. There will always be times the fire requires a good “poke” with a fireplace poker.

 It opens up the burning logs and creates space for oxygen to circulate more effectively. A poker will help rake the burnt ash and embers, if they are small enough, to fall through the grate onto the fire bed, and increase the oxygen flow to the fire.

In our opinion, a good fireplace tool set must have a poker as part of the collection. Or there’s no point in purchasing that set.

Fireplace Broom And Shovel

Burning any type of fire means there will always be the need for cleanup tools, and that’s where the fireplace shovel and brush are necessary. Leftover kindling, half-burnt embers, and hot ash are all fire hazards, and they need treating with respect.

Shovels with a wide mouth will help to scoop out all the ash and burnt embers easily, and the fireplace brush needs to have stiff bristles so they are capable of withstanding constant use and will quickly sweep fine ash into the shovel.