Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace in 2021

Choosing the best wall mount electric fireplace for your home isn’t going to be easy if you don’t know a lot about electric fireplaces.

Why choose a wall-mounted electric fireplace anyway? Of course, electricity means no gas fumes from gas fires or smoke and ash from burning wood. Two things you don’t need with an electric fireplace is a chimney or a flue.

It’s probably going to be impossible to fit a flue or chimney in an apartment if there isn’t one already in there. So you really have to go with electricity. You could still choose a freestanding electric heater or go with a gas heater, but then you need to concern yourself with venting.

Today’s modern wall mounted electric fireplaces look brilliant. The flames are realistic, and you can choose different flame colors, have the fireplace recessed into the wall, or simply hang on the wall. They are space-saving, ventless, and comfortable to maintain.

Purchasing a wall-mounted electric fireplace might be the right choice for you, but searching online the different models, makes, prices, fittings, etc., seems like a lot of work and will be time-consuming, which is why we’ve researched on your behalf.

We have analyzed the best wall mount electric fireplace and created a buying guide with all the information you will need to make the best choice depending on your needs and budget.

Best Electric Wall Mount Fireplace

Top 6 Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

1. Touchstone 80004 – Sideline Electric Fireplace

Touchstone 80004 - Sideline Electric Fireplace
Image credit: Touchstone

The Touchstone 80004 design is specifically for recessed wall mounting. You can plug the unit in if you have a suitable socket nearby or hard-wired. The Touchstone is ready to fit right out of the box. You can fit it yourself, but if you have it hard-wired, you might need to enlist a professional electrician’s help. The fireplace fits flush with the wall, genuinely space-saving.

The fireplace specifies recessed-mounting. However, you can mount it directly on the wall; there are eyelets on the back of the unit to do so, the fireplace will extend 5.5 inches from the wall

One reason for choosing a wall-mounted electric fireplace is the welcoming atmosphere they create. Without that, you may as well select any old electric heater. With the Touchstone 80004, you choose three flame colors with the faux log burning effect. It has a look and feel of a real fire. There are five flame settings if you just want a nice glow in the background without much heat right up to a roaring fire throwing out some severe heat. You don’t even need to get up off the couch; the fireplace controls operate remotely.

The Touchstone operates on 1500 watts and 120V. For safety reasons, don’t mount the fireplace closer than 8 inches to your ceiling and make sure the fireplace isn’t too near a wall-mounted television; this can restrict the heater’s use and probably damage your TV.

Why We Like It: The Touchstone 8004 has two heat settings for using the fireplace all-year-round.

Key Features:

  • Wall-mounted or recessed mounting
  • At 50 inches is the right size and looks like an imposing centerpiece
  • Operates remotely
  • Five flame settings
  • Recessed design for space-savings
  • Faux wooden logs and crystals

2. R.W.FLAME 30 inch Recessed and Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

R.W.FLAME 30 inch Recessed and Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
Image credit: R.W.FLAME

The R.W. Flame 30-inch wall mounted electric fireplace has a new design and is now only 3.85 inches thick instead of the previous 6 inches, obviously at almost half the thickness that creates excellent space-saving.

The fireplace operates either by the touch screen on the front of the fire or works remotely. There’s a massive amount of flame color choice with twelve different flame choices, five flame speeds, and brightness levels. They give the user a good mix of how they want to set the fireplace’s mood lighting.

Save on energy and your electricity bills with dual 750 and 1500 watts controls. The fireplace is capable of warming up 400 square feet of space.

The fireplace is ETL certified (ETL certification means testing the product to a set safety standard) and has an automatic cut-off switch if the fireplace overheats beyond its certified settings. The heat from the fireplace will not reduce how much humidity there is in your room.

The fireplace has a built-in fan to ensure the heat disperses around the entire room, but the fan runs quietly and produces only a 38dB noise level.

Why We Like It: The R.W. Flame has a slimline body at only 3.85 inches, and its fan generates only a 38dB noise level.

Key Features:

  • Slimline design at only 3.85 inches thick
  • Only 38dB noise level when the fan is in operation
  • ETL certified
  • Automatic heat cut-off feature
  • Twelve flame color choices
  • Five speeds and brightness levels
  • Touchscreen and remote controls
  • One year warranty

3. Beyond Breeze 36 Inches Electric Fireplace

Beyond Breeze 36 Inches Electric Fireplace
Image credit: BEYOND BREEZE

Beyond Breeze electric fireplace is a thirty-six-inch wide recessed fireplace that runs at 750 and 1500 watts and is suitable for any room in the home.

The fireplace design incorporates faux logs and crystals to simulate a real fire. There are nine flame color options available, depending on the requisite mood and the time of the year.

For further energy efficiency, there’s a built-in thermostat to control the temperature, and the range of the fireplace is from 60-97 degrees Fahrenheit. When no heat is necessary through the summer months, the multi-choice flame colors can add ambiance and warmth to the room.

The operation of the electric fireplace is by a front touchscreen or by remote control. Heat and flame settings are separately adjustable via the touchscreen or remote.

The Beyond Breeze fireplace can also be wall-mounted if you prefer rather than recessing in the wall. If you do decide to mount it on the wall, it will extend just over 5inches. Whether you choose wall or recessed mounting, ensure that you don’t place it closer than 8 inches to the ceiling or a TV set that’s also on the same wall.

Why We Like It: The Beyond Breeze fireplace has thermostatic controls for energy savings and protection from overheating in a range from 60-97 degrees Fahrenheit

Key Features:

  • The fireplace operates via touchscreen or remote control
  • Separate heat and flame controls
  • Thermostatic controls
  • Wall or recess mounting available

4. Xbeauty Wall Mounted Recessed Electric Fireplace

Xbeauty Wall Mounted Recessed Electric Fireplace
Image credit: Xbeauty

The Xbeauty is a slim (3.86-inch depth) wall or recessed mounted electric fireplace. The fireplace has two modes: heating and the other for displaying flames only during summer months or just when no heat is required.

The built-in fan disperses the heat around a room of up to 400 square feet and runs at a quiet noise level of less than 40dB.

The fireplace has twelve different flame colors, including three classic colors (red, orange, and blue). Also, you can choose from five flame and brightness speeds. The ultimate effect is achievable from ultra-high intensity LED lights that enable the flames to burn high inside the fireplace.

The front touchscreen and remote control give access to all functions such as power switch, timer control (1 to 8 hours), individual controls for heat and flame color and intensity, and sleep mode.

Top-quality customer service is available if necessary. The manufacturer offers free replacement of parts up to one year, choice of replacement fireplace, or full refund within one month of purchase. Customer service is available online 24/7.

Why We Like It: The Xbeauty manufacturer offers a full parts replacement for up to one year and a full refund within 30 days.

Key Features:

  • Three classic flame colors, orange, red and blue
  • Five flame and brightness speeds
  • Operates both as a heater and flame display
  • Built-in timer control
  • Ultra High-intensity LED lights
  • One-year parts replacement
  • Full-refund within 30 days of purchase

5. DIMPLEX Winslow 48″ Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace

DIMPLEX Winslow 48" Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace
Image credit: DIMPLEX

The DIMPLEX Winslow is a wall-mounted electric fireplace with the option of using the included stand, giving you the flexibility to position the fireplace in any area of your home.

There are also three options when choosing different fire burning effects from logs, crystals, or pebbles. For some additional lighting effects, the unit has strip lights running down the fireplace’s sides, providing a nice warm backlit glow. With a choice of four colors, you can choose your own ambiance.

The Dimplex has touchscreen controls on the unit’s top right-hand side; you can opt for the remote control if you prefer. There’s plenty of heat from the fireplace; it heats up to 1000 square feet comfortably.

The heating vent at the bottom is in a great position because it allows options when mounting shelves above it.

Why We Like It: The Dimplex Winslow has all the necessary features you expect from a high-end electric fireplace.

Key Features:

  • Will heat up to 1000 square feet
  • Touch screen and remote control feature
  • Colored strip lights down each side create a warm backlit glow
  • Low-cost LED lighting
  • Wall-mounted or stand
  • 90-day replacement

6. e-Flame USA Hampshire Electric Fireplace

e-Flame USA Hampshire Electric Fireplace
Image credit: e-Flame USA

e-Flame USA Hampshire is a wall-mounted or recessed electric fireplace that has the look of a slimline TV. The unit will comfortably heat a room to 400 square feet, and the built-in blower fan disperses the heat to all parts of the room. Even after several hours of operation, the exterior of the unit will remain cool to the touch.

The design shows off a modern look flame and wood-burning effect, be it wall-mounted or recessed. With separate controls for heat and background effect, you can enjoy the cozy ambiance with flame only setting. There’s a choice of charcoal logs or glass crystals to change up the fire effect.

This electric fireplace has a three-way view, both front, and sides, which gives a terrific effect. Ten flame color choices enhance the picture even more. Using this high-end fireplace will look and feel like a real fireplace, but of course, without the mess and cleaning.

The manufacturer claims this electric fireplace will reduce your energy bills; it heats quickly and has two heat settings.

Why We Like It: The eFlame Hampshire has a three-way view that includes the front and both sides for a stunning effect.

Key Features:

  • The fireplace heats a room of 400 square feet
  • Separate controls for heat and background effects
  • Choice of charcoal logs or glass crystals
  • Wall-mounted or recessed fitting
  • A quiet built-in fan disperses warm air

Features Of The Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

All Year Round Use

All of the electric fireplaces in our buying guide feature all-year-round use. This feature is terrific because even when you don’t want or need any heat, it’s still brilliant to create a friendly, cozy ambiance in the room. With the choice of heat and flame or flame only, you get the best of both worlds.

Different Flame Effects

Again we have chosen the fireplaces that give you the most options when creating different fireplace effects.

There are different color flames; some fireplaces feature up to twelve colors. You can also choose what type of fire you want to burn, such as logs, wood, charcoal logs, glass crystals, and pebbles. In fact, to enhance your room’s mood and ambiance, some fires incorporate colored strip lights down the side of units, producing a warm, welcoming glow.

Easy To Install Electric Fireplaces

All of our recommended fireplaces are easy and quick to install. They are literally ready out of the box. It’s a little more complicated to fit a recessed fireplace than a wall-mounted one, but once you have created the recess in your wall, it’s just the same as mounting a fireplace on the wall. You might need to enlist a professional electrician’s help if you decide to hard-wire the unit but other than that, they are pretty simple to install.

Ensure that you follow the manufacturers’ recommendations concerning how far from the ceiling you can place the fire and the distance you need to maintain from a wall-mounted TV.

Electric Fireplaces With Unique Design

Manufacturers of wall mount electric fireplaces all strive to make their designs stand out. Many of the fireplaces have similar features, but the exterior designs are different. So you can rest assured unless someone buys the exact same model, your fireplace will be very different from what you’ll see in your neighbor’s home.

Electric Wall Mount Fireplaces Are Safe

With any conventional fireplace such as wood, pellet, or gas, there’s always risk involved. If it’s an open fireplace, then sparks can ignite your carpets; even if they don’t ignite, they will still char and look terrible over time. Then there’s the risk of chimney fires. 

None of these risks apply to the wall mount electric fireplace. They have built-in safety features that turn off the fire if there’s a risk of overheating. They are thermostat controlled to switch off when they reach the set temperature. Heat vents from top or bottom of the fireplace, the glass exterior is always cool to the touch.

Overall, the wall mount electric fireplace is cleaner, has more safety features, and is more economical to run.