Best Wood Stove Fan

If you like the idea of a wood-burning stove, then you’ll want the best wood stove fan to circulate and distribute the hot air to all parts of the room, not just a few square feet in front of the stove.

You have a choice of fans, electric-powered or heat-powered, in this buying guide we’ll just be focusing on heat power because they have lower running and maintenance costs, plus they are simple to operate.

Best Stove Fan

What is a Wood Stove Fan?

As we said, there’s lots of hot air directly in front of a wood-burning stove, but it has no means of reaching outwards into the rest of the room. Consequently, it’s incredibly uncomfortable with cold air around the back of the head and body, and if you need to move around the room. It’s also not a cost-effective way to heat anywhere.

The solution to this annoying situation is to install a wood stove fan. The fan’s rotary blades can blow and circulate the hot air out into the room, creating a more even distribution. Eliminating that cold draught of air around your back and removing cold air pockets.

Naturally, there are many things to consider before you buy a wood stove fan, and there are so many choices.

This buying guide offers reviews of several best performance models, low maintenance and price. Reading the reviews will make it easier for you to choose with confidence the best wood stove fan for your needs and budget.

Our Top 5 Best Wood Stove Fan

1. Ecofan AirMax Wood Stove Fan

Ecofan AirMax Wood Stove Fan
Image credit: Ecofan

The Ecofan AirMax is our overall top choice of wood stove fans. In the Ecofan range, this is the best performing model and will heat your room 38% faster more quickly. You can use it on different size rooms, and the fan will save up to 18% in fuel. That adds up to quite a lot of dollar savings.

An Ecofan will convert the heat from your wood stove into electricity to power the fan. The fan manufacturers are from Canada, and they test their Ecofans in some pretty harsh winter conditions. They don’t get much more brutal than a Canadian winter. Even so, there is a 2-year warranty with the purchase.

The fans are sturdy and substantial, dead quiet and move the hot air to every corner of the room. It carries 175 cubic feet of air per minute. The fan’s black color blends into the shadows, and you won’t notice it being there. You might even find yourself moving further away from your stove.

Ecofans self regulate, as the stove burns hotter the fan runs more quickly, thereby circulating more hot air into the room. If the stove cools, then the fan slows and shuts off. It doubles as a warning because if the fan slows, you know your stove needs topping up.

Key Features:

  • Heats the room 38% more quickly than with no fan present
  • Will save 18% on the amount of fuel you burn
  • 2-year warranty
  • No electricity is necessary to run the fan
  • Testing of this fan in Canadian winters, no harsher environment

2. Tomersun 3 Blades Heat Powered Stove Fan

Tomersun 3 Blades Heat Powered Stove Fan
Image credit: TOMERSUN

The Tomersun is a compact 3-blade stove fan that requires no electricity or batteries to run and is our choice of the best budget model. The fan uses the stove’s heat to operate and adjusts its speed with the stove’s surface temperature.

It has a bi-metallic safety device in the base to enable the fan to have a longer working life. Should the surface temperature rise above 300 degrees centigrade, the safety device elevates the fan’s front, protecting the TEG and the fan’s motor.

The Tomersun fan barely makes a sound, you’ll scarcely hear it, but you will feel the warmth it circulates. Using a fan like this reduces your fuel consumption and will warm the room much more quickly.

The operating temperature range is from 85 degrees celsius up to 350 degrees celsius. Don’t place the fan in the center of your stove; it will overheat and damage the electric generating units.

Key Features:

  • Compact design only 8.7 x 6.7 x 3.6 inches
  • Incorporating advanced in-built design safety features
  • Exceptionally quiet when running
  • Budget price for the quality

3. Sonyabecca Magnetic Thermometer 4 Blade Stove Fan

Sonyabecca Magnetic Thermometer 4 Blade Stove Fan
Image credit: Sonyabecca

The Sonyabecca 4 blade fan is our choice for the best four-blade wood stove fan. One of the best wood stove fans incorporating eco-friendly capabilities and magnetic thermometer.

This 4-blade large air volume fan will circulate hot air from your stove throughout the whole room. Place the fan on a flat surface on the stovetop at least 4 inches from the stovepipe. As the stove surface heats up, your fan will begin to work.

The working temperature of the fan is from 50 degrees Celcius up to 340 degrees Celcius. Once the stove’s surface temperature reaches 50 degrees, the fan will begin working, speeding up as the temperature rises and thereby circulating more hot air into the room. As the surface temperature cools, the fan will slow down. The fan monitors the temperature by using a magnetic thermometer.

The robust anodized aluminum manufacture will ensure the fan will not rust due to the intense heat it undergoes. The only moving parts are the blades, and they are whisper quiet, you might not hear them at all, but you will feel how the warm air begins to circulate.

Key Features:

  • A built-in protection system to prevent overheating
  • Working temperature from 50 degrees Celsius to 340 degrees Celsius
  • Magnetic thermometer
  • Robust anodized aluminum
  • Converts heat without an external power source

4. CAFRAMO UltrAir Wood Stove Fan

CAFRAMO UltrAir Wood Stove Fan
Image credit: CAFRAMO

The Caframo UltrAir wood stove fan is perfect for rooms up to 240 square feet, and with a cfm (cubic feet per minute) airflow of 125, it will circulate a lot of warm air around your room.

The fan generates power by converting heat your wood stove creates into electricity, saving you up to 14 % in fuel yet distributing more hot air to your entire room. Warm your room 31% more quickly.

If you ever get a power outage, the fan will continue to work because of the TEG module (thermoelectric), which converts heat into electricity. The stove fan operates at a working temperature range of between 100 degrees Celcius and 345 degrees Celcius.

These fans are well worth the investment, no electrical cords, switches itself off when the stove cools enough and circulates sufficient air to warm the room. The design and build are Canadian for quality assurance.

Key Features:

  • Does not require mains electricity to operate
  • Warms a room in 31% less time
  • Reduces fuel consumption by 14%
  • The fan has been tested in harsh wintry conditions
  • They are made from high-quality materials

5. CWLAKON Heat Powered Stove Fan

CWLAKON Heat Powered Stove Fan
Image credit: CWLAKON

You need the CWLAKON heat powered stove fan to ensure your hot air circulates into and around the room and not just up to the ceiling.

The smart thermoelectric module behaves like a small generator powering the fan’s motor. Cost-effective and efficient because no batteries or electricity are necessary the module works from the stovetop’s heat. Circulating the air throughout your room gives a more comfortable feeling and reduces your stoves’ wood consumption. The average operating temperatures are between 50 degrees Celcius and 350 degrees Celcius.

The fan has larger blades than previous models moving a larger volume of air. This type of fan does not blow air but gently circulates the air. The CWLAKON  is exceptionally quiet during operation, and it’s easy to forget it’s working. Warmer room temperatures and no cold air pockets will tell you otherwise.

The fan’s stand is anodized aluminum and will resist temperatures up to 350 degrees Celcius. Even working at these temperatures for a long time will not induce any deformation or discoloration of the stand.

To protect the fan even further, the manufacturers have a safety device in the fan’s base. Should the temperature rise above the 200 degrees Celcius the fan elevates slightly protecting the thermoelectric module from heat damage.

Key Features:

  • Maintaining a high working temperature of up to 350 degrees Celcius
  • Safety device to elevate the fan protecting the thermoelectric module
  • The high-quality anodized aluminum manufacture provides extended life span
  • The fan runs quietly even on full power

Advantages Of Wood Stove Fans

No Fuel Necessary To Run The Fans

A wood stove fan requires no external energy source such as electricity or batteries, to run and work efficiently. Once the fan is on top of your stove, it uses your wood stove’s already generated heat.

Inexpensive Purchase

The fan’s initial purchase price is not too expensive, but what makes them a bargain is you never pay for any power source for it to function and over time will save a lot of money in fuel costs.

Constant Heat Circulation

As long as the woodstove is working the fan will work. Instead of heating a six-foot area in front of your stove with a wood stove fan, you circulate the air over the entire room. Most heat from a stove rises, which is why only a small front area gets hot. The fan catches the heat before it can rise and pushes it out into the room.

Quiet Operation

There are no motors on this type of fan, so they are exceptionally quiet when operating. The most you’ll hear is a whisper of wind. Generally, the only way you can tell if it’s working is to look at it or when you feel the room so much warmer.


Knowing more about these fans allows you to make a more informed choice when deciding to buy one for your home. Purchasing the best wood stove fan for your needs and budget will make a substantial difference to both your comfort and your pocket.