How To Install An Electric Fireplace

Do you have a fireplace in your home? Are you tired of cleaning and scooping out ashes? Electric fireplaces provide the warmth of a real fire without the mess of a wood fire. You no longer have to gather wood and logs to start a fire. All that you need to do is to turn it on and you will get instant heat. Control the heat and flame size with just a touch of a button.

Electric fireplace inserts drastically reduce the risk of fire and burns. As no sparks shoot up the chimney or hearth, you can have complete peace of mind. As there is no ash or soot to clean, the air inside the room is also cleaner.

All these features have made the electric fireplace a preferred choice of homeowners.

Electric Fireplace Installation

Installation of an electric fireplace insert into an existing fireplace is easy. Before you buy the fireplace insert, it is advisable to measure the height, width and depth of the existing fireplace.

When you have the correct dimensions in hand you will be able to make a good choice of electric fireplace insert that matches the height and width of the existing fireplace.

  • One of the first things that you need to do is to read the instruction manual. Each manufacture has unique specifications and you need to be familiar with them before you start the installation process.
  • Close the damper in your chimney. This should be done to prevent drafts. If you want it to be a permanent installation, you need to install fiber free insulation. This should be done around the interior of the firebox.
  • The ash and soot inside the fireplace needs to be cleaned completely. This can be done by removing the grate of the existing fireplace.


  • Check the electrical outlet. Ensure that it matches the electric requirement of the electric fireplace insert. In most cases it is 120v with 15 amps and 60hz. A dedicated circuit will be necessary for the fireplace. If you have to use an extension cord, you need to ensure that it is rated properly.
  • If the electric fireplace has a glass front, you need to slide the glass panel into place. Secure it by following the instructions in the manual.
  • Place the electric fireplace insert inside the fireplace opening. You may have to slightly tilt the insert to place it properly inside. Ensure that it is resting evenly at the bottom of the fireplace.
  • Next you need to draw the cord around or under the fireplace insert and plug it into the electrical outlet. Ensure that the cord is not rubbing against any sharp edges. If the electrical outlet is far, you can choose to use an extension cord.

If you are unsure about completing the installation process on your own, you can choose to avail the services of a professional. As they have many years of experience and expertise they will be able to complete the process within a couple of hours. This also ensures that the installation process is completed as per the instructions provided in the manual.

Installing Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

A wall mounted electric fireplace can add sophistication and style to the room. The best aspect about installing a wall mount is that you don’t need to have an existing chimney or hearth to complete the installation process. You don’t even have to cut a hole in the wall to install them. This has made them a popular choice of homeowners.

fireplace in living room

Surface mounted fireplaces are also gaining popularity as these can be easily removed when you shift homes or when you want to reposition the fireplace from one place to the other. This also ensures that there are no gaps or holes in the wall when you move the fireplace.

The installation process is similar to hanging a mirror or a photo frame. Plug it in and enjoy flickering flames and heat. One of the important things that you need to consider when installing a wall mount is the location of the cord and outlet.

When you choose a good location, you can ensure that the cord is completely hidden. They can be installed on any type of wall. You can choose to install them higher on the wall so that the shimmering embers add to the appeal of the room.


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 Fireplaces design and construction


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 Scott Cohen’s Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits


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 100+ Tips Ideas Fireplaces

Installing Recessed Electric Fireplaces

The recessed or flush mounted fireplaces offer a more professional look to the room where they are installed. They require more time and effort to install. They are also more expensive compared to the wall mounted fireplaces. They don’t take additional space in the room and this makes them completely functional and stylish.

Most of the recessed models available in the market have a variety of heat settings and you will be able to control the heat and flame using a remote. This provides a lot of convenience, as you will be able to change the heat with just the push of a button.

Other Installation Options

Electrical Wiring

If you don’t want the electric cord running across the hearth, you can choose a professional electrician to change the wiring. You can choose to install an electrical outlet inside the fireplace or hardwire it directly to the electrical supply of your home.

Glass Ember Beds

There are some models of electric fireplaces that include glass ember beds. These help to stimulate real glowing embers. After you have installed the insert in place, you can place the glass rock in the front tray of the firebox.

Trim Kits

Most of the new electric fireplace models available in the market come with trim kits that greatly enhance the appeal of the fireplace. They can be used to fill any gaps between the insert and the fireplace opening.



Even though electric fireplaces have zero clearance design, you need to ensure that you don’t place combustibles on the top surface of the fireplace.

It is important that you follow all the instructions and warnings that are clearly stated in the manual. This can help ensure a successful installation.